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All documents and application forms must be scanned to us via email at  in a  word document format or a PDF FORMAT for a pre-check ensuring all documents are correct,

Please ensure all the application form is fully completed to avoid delays,  Also a digital photo  of the applicant on a white background and copy of the passport digital page must also be scanned to us on a jpg format on a separate file.

When  the applicant attends the biometric appointment  they  will have to also bring  a hard copy  passport-sized photo  and their passport, please ensure that the photograph has a white background  this must be done in advance before attending the office or posting the documents, once all documents have been rechecked one of the visa advisers will be in contact to arrange a date and time to attend for biometrics and confirm that all documents are correct,


Steps to Follow

Step 1

Prepare one passport-sized photo less than 6 months old on white background only. Please ensure the photo shows the full face.

Photographs.  One recent (under 6-month-old) passport photo (45mm x 35mm) taken against a white background. Digital format must be sent when using precheck service.

When attending the biometrics appointment a hard copy of the photo is required

A copy of the last China Visa is Required if you visited China previously. If visa is in an old passport a copy of the data page and the last visa must be sent via email

A Copy of the Applicants passport page.

Step 2

Please fully complete the application form.  If you need any help at any point, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

Step 3

 Travel / Accommodation Proof:

If applying for a tourist visa then flights and hotel confirmation are required. (Round trip air ticket)

If applicants are applying for more than 30 days stay in China, full duration of hotel confirmation is required.

Please ensure the applicant’s name is on the confirmation – this must be printed and sent with the application.

If visiting friends/family and not staying in a hotel then an invite letter is required along with a copy of the inviter’s local id or a copy of their visa/resident permit, A copy of the inviters photo page of their passport is is also required.

The invite letter must contain where the applicant is staying, the applicant’s passport number, from what date they will be staying to what date, the purpose of visit, the relationship between inviter and applicant, and a contact number in China for the invitee.

This also must be signed and dated by the invitee and his/her name must be printed in block capitals, this can be faxed or emailed. Who will pay for the trip must also be mentioned in the letter.

If visiting ie. Father/Mother/Son, an original copy of a full birth certificate must be sent with the application as proof of the relationship, birth certificates without both parents will not be accepted.

If traveling on a cruise please provide your cruise itinerary with the applicant’s name on the itinerary.

If applicants are flying to join a cruise in China a full flight confirmation must also be provided. (Round Trip)

If applicants are going on a tour in China, a full itinerary must be provided with the applicant’s name.

Step 4

Business Letter if applicable:

If applying for a business visa then a business letter is required from the company/supplier in China.

The business letter must be on official letterhead with the company address, telephone and fax number. It should also state the applicant’s passport number, expiry date and their date of birth and the purpose of visit.

The letter must also be dated and the traveling dates mentioned.

It must also have a company stamp or if not then it must be signed by the inviter, this can be faxed or emailed.

If applying for a multi-entry visa this must be stated in the company letter and why a multi-entry is required.

If applying for a long term study visa(over 180 days), an admission letter / duly authorisation unit (JW201 or JW202) from the school/university must be provided, the letter must contain the applicant’s name and what is the purpose of the visit and the duration of the course, the letter must be dated and stamped or signed, these must the original documents.

If applying for a short-term study visa(less than 180 days), an admission letter/letter from a university or school must be provided this must contain the applicant’s name and the purpose of visit, and the duration of course, the letter must be dated and stamped or signed.

If applying for a working visa, all the original documents or electronic copies (with barcode) must be provided .ie duly authorisation and work permit, these will be returned after the visa has been approved.

If applying to visit a university for a conference/exchange visit/study tours or other activities, a letter from the university /school must be provided.

The letter must be on a full letterhead and this must include a telephone number and fax number and the applicant’s name, passport number and the purpose of visit, The letter must be dated and stamped or signed, this can be faxed or emailed.

Step 5

Please wait for the precheck to be completed and for us to contact you to arrange your biometric appointment.

Visual Requirements Summary


Passport Photographs

Application Form

Invitation Letter (if applicable)

UK Visa if not UK National


Please note that China Visa Services is a servicing agent and is not associated with either the Chinese Embassy or any Government. In many cases Embassies charge a fee for handling visas, if we handle your application a fee is charged for advising and helping with the requirements and preparation of your visa. Additionally, we will send a courier to collect the visa so you don’t have to queue. The services and forms we use are available from the Government for a lower cost.