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Terms and Conditions

Passports sent into the office without four clear pages not including the page for observations on the passport will be refused and still charged the service fee and visa fee.

Passports sent into the office with water damage or any other damage to the passports will be refused a visa and charged the fee.

All fees will not be refunded whatever the out come of the application is. Please indicate clearly your options which you wish visa application to be processed. It is advisable to send your application form(s) and passport(s) by special delivery. China Visa Services will not accept liabilities and responsibilities for loss and damage of passport due to postage.

All cheques must be cleared by the bank before Visa and Passport is sent. Cheques that have not been cleared will incur bank charges which is charged according to the company.(CHEQUES WILL NOT ACCPETED FOR EXPRESS APPLICATIONS)

The number of days must be clear on the application form, as mistakes can not be changed after it has been submitted to the embassy.

All EXPRESS applications must be submitted to us by 10.30am in the same day if applying in person at the office, any delays will result in charges of 20 pounds per application which can not be waived by the company.

The embassy has the right to extend the application processing due to further checks without notice.

All documents ie. flights and hotel confirmations will not be returned after the visa has been processed, extra copies will be charged at 50p a copy.

Failure to provide the correct documents or incomplete forms will result in longer processing times and may incur further charges, China Visa Services will not be held responsible for flights due to VISA applications not being submitted on time to us.

The visa remains the property of China Visa Services until payment is received in full, and the passport will also be retained.

All Visa fees and service charge must be paid once the application has been submitted.

VISA FEES AND SERVICE CHARGE will not be refunded should the visa application be declined, refused or in any way changed by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates.

Prices advertised on the website may change without notice.

Collections of passports and visas after working hours will will incur charges .

All passports sent into the office with a VALID visa will be charged the service fee.

Visas and Passports collected after 5pm during weekdays or after 4pm on Sundays will be charged 25 pounds per passport.

Application forms sent into the office which is not typewritten will be charged at 20 pounds per application, on top of the service and visa fee

Applications forms that are not typewritten and sent into the office and submitted will be refused and charged the full-service charge , and to re submit will be charged the service fee and visa fee again.

Application forms that has been type written and found to to have mistakes , will have to be reprinted without the mistakes , correction fluid and mistakes can not be crossed out, on the application form.

China Visa Services will not be responsible to applicants not attending the office for fingerprints and therefore resulting in flight delays .

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Please note that China Visa Services is a servicing agent and is not associated with either the Chinese Embassy or any Government. In many cases Embassies charge a fee for handling visas, if we handle your application a fee is charged for advising and helping with the requirements and preparation of your visa. Additionally, we will send a courier to collect the visa so you don’t have to queue. The services and forms we use are available from the Government for a lower cost.