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China Visa Services is operated by United BIC Ltd providing a quick and secure China Visa application service. For whatever purpose of your trips to China we are here to provide you with the most secure,friendly and efficient ways of obtaining your visa. Our parent company United BIC Ltd has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, you are guaranteed of a quality and professional services.We have a dedicated team of China Visa experts to check you have the right documents, ensuring your application is sucessful. So why not? sit back and relax and enjoy your trips to China and let us take care of your travel worries.

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Applying For A Visa

We can get you a China Visa in just 72 hours no matter where you live in the UK we can help you get a China Visa. We accept postal applications or walk in applications (no appointment required).

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Application Forms

To proceed with an application press the button below and download one of our application forms. There very simple to fill out and will only take a maximum of 15 minutes. Click Here

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Visa Prices

All our Visas must be paid for before any application is submitted. For a full list of the prices of our Visa's please click the button below.
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Payment Options

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